Now is the time to be part of a global social awareness movement.

Be part of a mentality change in health care. The European Social Charter, deals with social and medical assistance. It stipulates basic medical care as a human right, which is an important contribution to social peace, rather than a business model. This statement does not imply that we shall neglect health economic aspects, rather we keep them in the back of our minds.

Join our team and become a member of our non-profit organizations in Germany and Switzerland. Enrich us with your creativity, your knowledge and long standing professional experience as a physician, pharmacist, researcher, social worker, health economist, as a student, during your professional life or during your retirement. Take part in our activities focusing on clinical research and development for humanitarian purposes in disease indications neglected by industrial Research and Development (R&D).

Due to the decline of security in Afghanistan, we have shifted our attention and activities to Algeria. Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) countries are not only close to Europe; they have become important for Europe. Through them, Europe can exert a positive influence on healthcare development in Africa giving the people peace, new hope and perspectives in their home countries. Education, healthcare and social justice contribute to peace within societies.


Kick-Off Meeting with the Hospital Pharmacy of the University of Erlangen on March 7th, 2017

This GMP-certified Hospital Pharmacy could be a potential OEM manufacturer for small batches of LeiProtect®. The aim is to legalize the skin lesion care of patients suffering from the neglected tropical disease of cutaneous leishmaniasis in the so called OLD World close to Europe. The … Continue reading “Kick-Off Meeting with the Hospital Pharmacy of the University of Erlangen on March 7th, 2017”