Watch the Video (3 Minutes) where we explain what we are doing and why we could cure many poor people.

Now is the time to be part of a global social awareness movement.

Be part of a mentality change in health care. The European Social Charter, deals with social and medical assistance. It stipulates basic medical care as a human right, which is an important contribution to social peace, rather than a business model. This statement does not imply that we shall neglect health economic aspects, rather we keep them in the back of our minds.

Join our team and become a member of our non-profit organizations in Germany and Switzerland. Enrich us with your creativity, your knowledge and long standing professional experience as a physician, pharmacist, researcher, copywriter, lawyer, tax consultant, social worker, health economist, as a student, during your professional life or during your retirement. Take part in our activities focusing on clinical research and development for humanitarian purposes in disease indications neglected by industrial Research and Development (R&D).

Due to the policy change of WHO, focusing on the improvement of skin wound management not only for Leishmania but of all neglected tropical skin diseases (NTDs), we have joined the NNN skin cross cutting group to extend our expertise from Leishmania wounds to all neglected skin lesions.

In Afghanistan there is a decline of security and political situation in several (MENA) countries is tense. In all of these countries, cutaneous leishmaniasis and other neglected tropical skin diseases (skin NTDs) are endemic. Therefore, our NGO is currently also concentrating on European member countries and is active in other orphan medical indications, such as the antibiotic-free treatment of catheter-associated urinary tract infections of patients with traumatic spinal cord injuries (SCI). These SCI patients constitute less than 5 per 10,000 inhabitants in the EU.

As Europe also has a growing gap between the super-rich on one side and working poor as well as pensioners on the other, our association has increasingly recognised that it is crucial for its acceptance that ethical values of primary health care for all people must also be conveyed by our NGO members to European education centres. According to the revised European Social Charter Part I (13) anyone without adequate resources has the right to social and medical assistance. Our NGO stands for this ethical principle and firmly believes, that Education, Health and Social Justice contribute to peace in all societies.

A human right to illness does not exist, there is no ethical justification for a failure to provide medical care, regardless of whether the patients are physically or mentally ill.