“A sting with evil consequences”

On January 24, 2019, the regional newspaper “Badische Zeitung” titled: “Freiburg physicians are committed to Leishmania patients – until the development of a medical device“. 44 readers donated a four-digit € amount to our association. The received readers donations were very well meant, unfortunately this is by far not enough for the CE certification fees, which have to be raised nowadays for a medical product of Class IIb at the German Technical Inspection (TÜV), these fees are 20 times the donations we received from the readers of our report. In order for our LeiProtect® to be manufactured locally in the Leishmania endemic areas for CL patients at a reasonable price, CE certification and subsequent validation by the local Health Authorities is a MUST.

Photo: The flagellate form of the Leishmania parasite (promastigote) 1: 1.000.000 enlarged as “giant parasite”, which reproduces without flagellate in our large defense cells (macrophages).