About us

Waisenmedizin Germany e. V. (WM) and Waisenmedizin – Switzerland

Promoting access to care with essential medicine (PACEM)

Both NGOs (Non Governmental Organization), which are linked to each other in Germany and Switzerland, are small associations with big goals that are based on the European Charter, which enshrines the human right to health protection, social security and social and medical assistance.

Founding and previous achievements

Founded on May 19, 2000, WM-D e.V. has now carried out numerous patient-oriented missions in the field of diseases neglected, abandoned or “orphaned” by profit-oriented industrial research and development in Europe and countries in the Middle East-North Africa (MENA) region such as Afghanistan ( 2002 – 2014), Pakistan (2006), Algeria (2013 – 2018), Iran (2014) and Syria (2016).

Board and advisors of the association


The WM e. V. currently has 23 members with long-standing and outstanding professional backgrounds in their respective fields. Our members are predominantly doctors and pharmacists, but also chemists, lawyers, economists, clergy, scientists and students. We welcome those who value the idea that the primary purpose of medicines and medical devices is to serve patients.

Waisenmedizin Switzerland

In 2013, the idea of Orphan Medicine “Promoting Access to Vital Medicine Care” (PACEM) spread to Switzerland, where we now have a sister NGO, Orphan Medicine-CH.

The principles for the Waisenmedizin-D e. V. and Waisenmedizin-CH are reflected in our French and German statutes. You can download it here: Charter: DE / CH