Our non-governmental organizations bring forward non-for-profit projects, which help serve patients in need with diseases neglected by industrial research and development (R&D).

Our mission is to oppose inequity of access to basic healthcare and to medicines on a global scale. We do this in three ways:

  1. We foster, initiate and carry forward projects, which enable and improve the treatment of patients suffering from diseases neglected in European bio-research & medical product development.
  2. We sensitize European political opinion leaders to the idea that the right of education and of self-sustaining work is a human right of equity in access to basic health care. They should understand that this human right is crucial for human dignity and for the establishment of social cohesion and peace within communities. This right is stipulated in Articles 11 (The right to protection of health) and 13 (The right of social and medical assistance) of the European Social Charter of 1996.
  3. We contribute to medical capacity building, foster traineeships of foreign physicians from war ravaged and poor countries. We help them qualify as doctoral candidates in European universities. Our experience has shown us that our personal investment into the careers of these young academic participants has motivated them to act as multipliers of German / Swiss efficiency and reliability after having returned to their home country.