Ongoing Retrospective Study

Current healing data from retrospective analysis of 702 (approximately 50% of all available cases) cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) patients caused by L. tropica treated in Kabul between 2006 and 2008 at the German Medical Service.

It becomes more apparent that the lesion site might influence healing after bipolar electrosurgical (ES) debridement, whereas the patient’s gender is of no influence. Healing seems to be slower in lower extremity sites which are more exposed to dirt and prone to superinfection. It should be emphasized that at this time no wound dressings were available after bipolar ES debridement. The lesions were only dabbed with iodine at irregular intervals.

Results will be further updated in a timely manner.

702 patients, 1309 lesions
Median healing time: 34 days

  1. Face (n = 666)
  2. Arm (n = 351)
  3. Hand (n = 182)
  4. Leg (n = 103)
  5. Trunk (n = 7)
  1. Female lesions (n = 579)
  2. Male ( n = 728)

First Interim Analysis of Retrospective Study