ystral supports our fight against a neglected tropical skin disease, a laudable gesture that we hope other donors will follow

On September 3, 2018, the owner-managed medium-sized family business ystral, a think tank for process engineering based in Ballrechten-Dottingen near Freiburg, Germany, donated a Conti-TDS mixer with a new purchase value of 70,000 € to our NGO for gel dispersion. With this jet stream mixer, it is possible for our contract manufacturer, the University Hospital Pharmacy Erlangen, to produce a LeiProtect® gel for our NGO which is free of air inclusions without using a vacuum in the conventional mechanical stirring process. Only this jet-stream mixing process gives LeiProtect® its full wound healing properties.

Photo: The ystral Conti-TDS jet stream mixer donated to our association with from left to right Dr. Baier and pharmacist Heimke-Brinck in the GMP-certified pharmacy of the University Hospital Erlangen and Prof. Dr. Bogdan, our association member and head of microbiology of the Erlangen Medical Faculty