Hand-Hygiene Propagation in the biggest MENA country, Algeria

Together with the Directorate-General of Prevention and Health Promotion at the Algerian Ministry of Health, Prof. Zoubir Harrat, Director-General of the Institut Pasteur d’Algérie (IPA), is committed to effectively propagating hand hygiene in Algeria.

Hand disinfection advocated by WHO with alcohol based hand rub (ABHR) is crucial for infection prevention. Therefore, the Algerian Pasteur Institute plans to install a plant for the annual production of fifteen to thirty thousand liters of ABHR, to distribute ABHR solution acc. to the WHO recommended formula I at an affordable price. The first to be served with ABHR will be the personnel of the IPA (>1,000) followed by the leishmania patients and their doctors.

In May 2017, the kind help of the Swiss Embassy in Algiers motivated Roche Algeria SPA to contribute 55% of the ABHR plant construction costs. IPA and Roche SPA have signed an agreement to the terms of this donation.

Waisenmedizin, especially the Swiss branch, is extremely grateful for this gesture of Roche SPA which is in line with other humanitarian actions of this pharmaceutical company in Algeria.