Hand-Hygiene Propagation in the biggest MENA country, Algeria

Together with the Directorate-General of Prevention and Health Promotion at the Algerian Ministry of Health, Prof. Zoubir Harrat, Director-General of the Institut Pasteur d’Algérie (IPA), is committed to effectively propagating hand hygiene in Algeria.

Hand disinfection advocated by WHO with alcohol-based hand rub (ABHR) is crucial for infection prevention. Therefore, the Algerian Pasteur Institute has installed a small plant for the annual production of ABHR, to produce ABHR solution acc. to the WHO recommended formula I at an affordable price.

This case of cutaneous face leishmaniasis in a 10-month-old female infant shows, hygienic wound dressing with ABHR hand disinfection prior to hygienic CL lesion dressing with filmogenic LeiProtect® gel is of utmost importance for healing. The infant presented intolerance to antimony [Sb(V)] i. m. injections and a wound superinfection with MRSA germs. The wound was nearly closed after 11 weeks of daily LeiProtect® treatment.